Jeff Lindemuth

Applications Scientist IV

There are a lot of changes coming for materials research in the near future. The distinction between electronic materials and biological materials is becoming less and less evident, and as researchers blend the two together they will need new, more advanced measurement techniques. I expect to see this happening in all branches of the industry, from renewable energy to communications and computing, and I’m excited to see what new possibilities that presents for Lake Shore.
Jeff Lindemuth
Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth is an Applications Scientist IV with Lake Shore. He received his BSc in Physics from Penn State University and his PhD in High Energy Physics from the College of William and Mary in 1982, where his research concentrated on the study of weak and strong interactions through the measurements of exotic atom x-rays. Before Lake Shore, Dr. Lindemuth was with EG&G Princeton Applied Research, concentrating on computer-aided measurements and data analysis for electrochemistry, optical spectroscopy, fiber optics, magnetic materials, and high-speed electronics. He later became Director of R&D for the company. Since joining Lake Shore in 1993, his focus has been in the development of magnetic measurement systems, including VSMs and AC susceptibility measurements as well as Hall systems and data analysis. In addition, Dr. Lindemuth performs application training, working closely with customers to help them better understand the measurements obtained from their VSM and Hall systems. He is widely recognized as an expert in instrumentation and methods for Hall measurements, particularly in semiconductor materials. For more about Dr. Lindemuth’s work, read this Q&A from our blog.

Select Publications

Dodecaborane-Based Dopants Designed to Shield Anion Electrostatics Lead to Increased Carrier Mobility in a Doped Conjugated Polymer
T.J. Aubry, J.C. Axtell, V.M. Basile, K.J. Winchell, J.R. Lindemuth, T.M. Porter, J.Y. Liu, A.N. Alexandrova, C.P. Kubiak, S.H. Tolbert, A.M. Spokoyny, B.J. Schwartz, Advanced Materials 31 (11), 1805647

Non-exponential decay of persistent photocarriers in an AIGaN/AIN/GaN heterostructure
D. Daughton, B.K. Lai, J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts

Fast Hall: A Method for High Speed AC Field, AC Current Hall Measurements
J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts

Magnetic Anisotropy: Measurements with a Vector Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
B.C. Dodrill, J.R. Lindemuth, J. Krause, Lake Shore Cryotronics

Designing Conjugated Polymers for Molecular Doping: The Roles of Crystallinity, Swelling, and Conductivity in Sequentially-Doped Selenophene-Based Copolymers
D.T. Scholes, P.Y. Yee, G.R. McKeown, S. Li, H. Kang, J.R. Lindemuth, X. Xia, S.C. King, D.S. Seferos, S.H. Tolbert, B.J. Schwartz, Chemistry of Materials 31 (1), 73-82

Transient Hall Effect characterization of persistent photo-generated carriers in GaN/AIGaN heterostructures
D. Daughton, B.K. Lai, J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts

Fast Hall: A High Speed Hall Measurement for Material Characterization
J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts

The Effects of Crystallinity on Charge Transport and the Structure of Sequentially Processed F4TCNQ‐Doped Conjugated Polymer Films
D.T. Scholes, P.Y. Yee, J.R. Lindemuth, H. Kang, J. Onorato, R. Ghosh, C.K. Luscombe, F.C. Spano, S.H. Tolbert, B.J. Schwartz, Advanced Functional Materials 27 (44), 1702654

Hall-effect mobility for a selection of natural and synthetic 2D semiconductor crystals
S. Monaghan, F. Gity, R. Duffy, G. Mrabelli, M. McCarthy, K. Cherkaoui, I.M. Povey, R.E. Nagle, P.K. Hurley, J.R. Lindemuth, E. Napolitani,  2017 Joint International EUROSOI Workshop and International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (EUROSOI-ULIS)

Photophysics of polarons and bipolarons in F4TCNQ-doped semiconducting polymers
M. Voss, D. Scholes, J.R. Challa, J. Lindemuth, B. Schwartz, Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 253

Understanding the relationship between semiconducting polymer crystallinity and the electrical properties of sequentially-processed F4TCNQ-doped P3HT films
D. Scholes, P. Yee, S. Hawks, J. Lindemuth, S. Tolbert, B. Schwatrz, Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 253

Synthesis, electronic transport and optical properties of Si: ⍺-Fe2O3 single crystals
A.J.E. Rettie, W.D. Chemelewski, B.R. Wygant, J. Lindemuth, J.F. Lin, D. Eisenberg, C.S. Brauer, T.J. Johnson, T.N. Beiswenger, R.D. Ash, X. Li, J. Zhou, C.B. Mullins, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (3), 559-567

Electronic Transport in Molybdenum Dioxide Thin Films
K. W. Harrison, C. D. Corolewski, M. D. McCluskey, J. Lindemuth, S. Ha, and M. G. Norton, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2015.

Overcoming Film Quality Issues for Conjugated Polymers Doped with F4TCNQ by Solution Sequential Processing: Hall Effect, Structural, and Optical Measurements
D. T. Scholes, S. A. Hawks, P. Y. Yee, H. Wu, J.R. Lindemuth, S.H. Tolbert, B.J. Schwartz, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (23), 4786-4793

High-temperature FORC study of single- and multi-phase permanent magnets
B. Dodrill, J. Lindemuth, C. Radu and H. Reichard, Materials Research Bulletin, Vol. 40, Issue 11, November 2015

Electrical and Magnetic Properties Modification in Heavy Ion Irradiated NixCo3-x)O4 Films
J. S. McCloy, W. Jiang, W. Bennett, M. H. Engelhard, J. Lindemuth, N. S. Parmar, and G. J. Exarhos, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119 (39), 22465 – 22476, 2015.

Anisotropic Small-Polaron Hopping in W: BiVO4 Single Crystals
A. J. E. Rettie, W. D. Chemelewski, J. Lindemuth, J. S. McCloy, L. G. Marshall, J. Zhou, D. Emin, and C. B. Mullins, Applied Physics Letters, 106 (2), 022106, 2015.

Comparative Analysis of Hole Transport in Compressively Strained InSb and Ge Quantum Well Heterostructures
A. Agrawal, M. Barth, H. Madan, Y. J. Lee, Y. R. Lin, C. H. Wu, C. H. Ko, and C. H. Wann, Applied Physics Letters 105 (5), 052102.

An Inversion Layer at the Surface of N-Type Iron Pyrite
M. Limpinsel, N. Farhi, N. Berry, J. Lindemuth, C. L. Perkins, Q. Lin, and M. Law, Energy & Environmental Science 7 (6), 1974 – 1989.

Electronic Transport Characterization of BiVO4 Using AC Field Hall Technique
J. Lindemuth, A. J. E. Rettie, L. G. Marshall, J. Zhou, and C. B. Mullins, MRS Proceedings 1633, mrsf13-1633-r02-05.

Combined Charge Carrier Transport and Photoelectrochemical Characterization of BiVO4 Single Crystals: Intrinsic Behavior of a Complex Metal Oxide
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Optimized Electronic Transport Measurements in Titanium Oxide
J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts 1, 38006.

Variable Temperature Hall Measurements on Low-Mobility Materials
J. Lindemuth, SPIE Solar Energy+ Technology, 84700G-84700G-9.

Hall Measurements on Low-Mobility Materials and High Resistivity Materials
J. Lindemuth and S. I. Mizuta, Thin Film Solar a Technology III, 81100I-81100I-7.

Challenges of Hall Measurements on Low Mobility Materials and How to Overcome Them
J. Lindemuth, S. Mizuta, Minerals, Metals and Materials Society/AIME

Enhancement-Mode Antimonide Quantum-Well MOSFETs With High Electron Mobility and Gigahertz Small-Signal Switching Performance
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Variable Temperature Measurements in Cryogenic Probe Stations
J. Lindemuth, Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics: 2009 1173.

Variable Temperature Measurements in Cryogenic Probe Stations; Measurements with Magnetic Fields
J. Lindemuth, APS Meeting Abstracts 1, 27010.

In-situ Broadband Microwave Calibrations and Measurements Using Cryogenic Probe Stations
J. Lindemuth and S. Yano, APS Meeting Abstracts 1, 36013.

Maintaining Clean Surfaces in Cryogenic Measurement Environments
J. Lindemuth, NSTI-Nanotech 2008, Vol. 1

Parallel Conduction in Semiconductors
J. R. Lindemuth, III-Vs Review 19 (9), 28 – 32.

Carrier Compensation and Scattering Mechanisms in Si-doped InAsyP1—y Layers Grown on InP Substrates Using Intermediate InAsyP1—y Step-Graded Buffers
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Extraction of Low Mobility, Low Conductivity Carriers from Field Dependent Hall Data
J. Lindemuth, B. Dodrill, J. Meyer, and I. Vurgaftman.

Finite Sample Size Effects on the Calibration of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
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Evaluation of transport properties using quantitative mobility spectrum analysis
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Anisotropy Constants and Magnetic Torque Derived from Vector Vibrating Sample Magnetometry
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A Permanent-Magnet Based Vector Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
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CONDENSED MATTER: Electrical and Magnetic Properties (PACS 71-76)
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Simple And Inexpensive Method For Testing High Speed Semiconductor Devices Using Electro-Optics Sampling
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