Jason Chonko

Business Development Manager

In many ways, we live in a great time. There are countless advanced research projects aimed at discovering the basic building blocks of matter, advancing medicine, and gaining a deeper understanding of the structure of our universe, and Lake Shore is a big part of those projects. It’s exciting to be working with a great team of customers and co-workers to aid in this journey of discovery.
Jason Chonko

Jason Chonko is a 1998 graduate of Kent State University with a BSci in Physics and started his career as a Lab Technician at the university’s Liquid Crystal Institute. Prior to joining Lake Shore in January of 2023, he worked for several optical startups as a Staff Engineer, dealing with the challenges of research and design. Most of his 25-plus years in the industry have been spent as an Applications Engineer and marketer for several general-purpose test and measurement companies, with the goal of always helping customers get the most out of their instrumentation.

With Lake Shore, he specializes in electrical device characterization systems, including the M81-SSM synchronous source measure system, often performing technical analysis of customer applications to aid in product selection. As a member of our business development team, his job is to efficiently deliver solutions to customers’ test needs, with a focus on listening and asking the right questions to fully understand their needs and find the best solutions to their problems quickly. He also works to bring the “voice of the customer” to various departments, including Marketing, Engineering, and company management, so everyone can more fully understand our customer needs.