CRX-6.5K cryogenic probe station

CRX-6.5K cryogen-free probe station

CRX-6.5K affordable cryogen-free probe station features

  • Cryogen-free operation
  • Push-button operation and allows unsupervised cooldown
  • Affordability

Optional configurations

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High temperature option   High temperature (PS-HTSTAGE)
PSoption_Z160   Zoom 125 microscope (PS-Z12P5)


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Ring magnet sample holder kit   Ring magnet kit (PS-RING-MAG-KIT)
Read our tech note: 'A New Approach to Low-Level Measurements of  Nanostructures'
CRX-6.5K vacuum chamber and radiation shields

The CRX-6.5K provides a low-cost, general-purpose solution for those looking for the convenience of cryogen-free operation and the dependable measurement performance of a Lake Shore product. Using a self-contained closed cycle refrigerator (CCR), the station cools down to cryogenic temperatures unassisted, eliminating the need for monitoring by the researcher. Its versatility and affordability make the CRX-6.5K the tool of choice for many researchers worldwide.

I-V, C-V, and microwave measurements are standard on the CRX-6.5K. The 2-stage CCR allows the sample to be maintained at elevated temperature during cooldown, reducing the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials.

The CRX-6.5K operates over a temperature range of 8 K to 350 K with the option to extend to a higher range of 20 K to 675 K. This model accommodates full and partial wafers up to 51 mm (2 in) in diameter. A wide selection of probes, cables, sample holders, and options makes it possible to meet specific measurement applications.


Sample holders

Probing configurations

Vision system

Sample temperature accuracy is key

Includes PC with MeasureLINK software

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