Cryogenic Temperature Monitors

DescriptionSingle-input compact temperature monitor8-input focused temperature monitor8-input expanded feature temperature monitor2-input temperature module for distributed systems8-input temperature module for distributed systems12-input temperature monitor
Lowest reasonable sensor temperature measurement1.2 K1 K0.3 K
Sensor compatibility
Cernox® and Rox™7.5 kΩ maximum Full Cernox and Rox sensor range (100 kΩ)
DiodesSilicon and GaAlAs diodesSilicon diodes only (e.g., DT-670)Silicon and GaAlAs diodes
100 Ω and 1000 Ω
Remote interfaces
IEEE-488.2 (GPIB)
Number of alarms2161612
Number of relays282
Analog voltage out0 V to 10 V (1 output)0 V to 10 V (2 outputs)
4 mA to 20 mA output


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240 Series Features

  • Two or eight cryogenic temperature sensor inputs
  • Supports industry-leading Lake Shore Cernox®, platinum, and other RTDs, plus DT-670 diodes
  • Precision measurement circuitry with on-board conversion to calibrated temperature units
  • Monitor temperatures down to 1 K and up to 800 K
  • Current reversal to minimize thermoelectric offsets
  • Front-mounted OLED screen for temperature and status reporting
  • Fully configurable through direct USB connection
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication integrates with distributed PLC-based control architectures
  • Easy DIN rail mounting with integrated rear connections for shared power and network

Model 224 features

  • Lake Shore’s most capable cryogenic temperature monitor
  • Equipped with 12 sensor channels for maximum monitoring capabilities
  • Precisely measures in both higher temperature and cryogenic applications—down to 300 mK
  • Ideal for multi-sensor lab uses, particularly for monitoring Cernox® sensors
  • Ethernet, USB and IEEE-488 computer interfaces
  • Proven, intuitive interface
  • Customizable display enables you to label individual input channels

Model 218 features

  • Operates down to 1.2 K with appropriate sensor
  • 8 sensor inputs
  • Supports diode and RTD sensors
  • Continuous 8-input display with readings in K, ºC, V, or Ω
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces, analog outputs, and alarm relays
  • Available in two versions: Model 218S and 218E

Model 211 features

  • Operates down to 1.2 K with appropriate sensor
  • One sensor input
  • Supports diode and RTD sensors
  • 0 V to 10 V or 4 mA to 20 mA output
  • Large 5-digit LED display
  • RS-232C serial interface and alarm relays