240 Series input modules

240 Series cryogenic temperature modules
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240 Series features

  • 2 or 8 cryogenic temperature sensor inputs
  • Supports industry-leading Lake Shore Cernox®, platinum, and other RTDs, plus DT-670 diodes
  • Monitor temperatures from 1 K to 800 K
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication integrates with distributed PLC-based control architectures
240 rear view

Simplifying large-scale cryogenic temperature measurement

The 240 Series offers a convenient, modular input solution for precision monitoring of cryogenic temperature sensors in large-scale applications employing distributed PLC-based control.

Lake Shore benchtop cryogenic instruments are trusted throughout the world for precision temperature measurement—now that same measurement performance can be achieved in widely distributed high-energy applications like particle accelerators and fusion reactors, as well as other large industrial sites.


Integrates seamlessly 
Integrates seamlessly with industry-leading Lake Shore Cernox® RTDs, platinum RTDs, and DT 670 silicon diodes, providing the ideal solution for performing temperature measurements over a PLC network
Native PROFIBUS support

Native support for PROFIBUS, allowing this module to be integrated into a wide range of PLC networks
Temps communicated directly with PLC master device 
Temperature values are communicated directly with the PLC master device, removing the need to use additional costly analog conversion equipment or complex PLC programming to generate temperature values
Industry-leading measurement circuitry 
Measurement circuitry based on Lake Shore’s industry-leading benchtop instruments, allowing for longer cable runs between sensor and module; ideal for applications where sensors must be located in hazardous environments
Two modes for best or fastest measurement

Normal mode with EMF-cancellation and signal filtering for the best measurement possible or high-speed mode for the fastest notification of a temperature change
High-quality OLED display

A high-quality OLED display on the front of the unit provides helpful status and measurement data; this is in addition to being able to access this information via the PLC network or the local USB connection
Convienient pluggable connectors 
Convenient pluggable connectors allow individual sensors to be disconnected for maintenance without losing readings from other sensors on the same module
Easy DIN rail mounting 
Easy DIN rail mounting with integrated rear connections allowing power and fieldbus communications to be shared between modules


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