PS-HM-8425 Hall Measurement Package for the CRX-VF Probe Station

Model 8425 DC Hall System with Cryogenic Probe Station

Easily add Hall measurement capabilities to your probe station

  • A complete solution for enabling Hall measurements in a CRX-VF probe station
  • Supports a range of DC Hall measurements on wafer-scale materials and structures as a function of temperature and field
  • Includes all the instrumentation and software for facilitating Hall measurements
  • Supports DC fields to 2 T and resistances from 0.5 mΩ to 100 GΩ
  • Intuitive software provides easy system operation, data acquisition, and analysis
  • Supports exporting of data for multi-carrier analysis

The power of the Hall measurement software

The solution adds several instruments to your CRX-VF console, including a switch matrix, current source, and voltmeter. However, the real power is provided in the 8400 Series HMS software, which is on a PC that ships with the package.

This next-generation Hall measurement software enables easy system operation, provides a suite of data acquisition and analysis tools, and allows you to control field, sample temperature, and sample excitation while running Hall measurements in an automated fashion.*

resistivity results

Example of an HMS measurement results screen


Notable software features:

  • Supports van der Pauw and Hall bar measurements, and measuring samples with gated Hall bars to account for gate bias—ideal for device-level material measurement.
  • Create a variable temperature Hall measurement with just three clicks of a mouse.
  • Start and end a measurement at your convenience, as well as set up time loops to repeat measurements according to a schedule.
  • Easily insert a resistance measurement into a Hall measurement sequence.
  • Use quick commands to “Go to Temperature,” “Go to Field,” “Go to GBV” (gate bias voltage), and “Wait,” to let the system pause and settle before continuing.
  • Perform resistance measurements at the start of an experiment—very useful when you need to do a quick, initial sample check to determine usable current, for instance.
  • Supports data export for multi-carrier analysis.

*Manual adjustment of the probe station’s heat switch is required at several temperature points.


PS-HM-8425 software

PS-HM-8425 options

PS-HM-8425 sample holders

PS-HM-8425 probing configurations

PS-HM-8425 vision system

Includes PC with MeasureLINK software