Ultra-low temperature Rox™

Ultra-low temperature Rox

RX-102B-RS features

  • Useful below 10 mK; calibrations down to 10 mK available
  • Include additional extrapolated points to 5 mK
  • Optical shielding reduces unwanted sensor heating

Temperature measurement for the world’s greatest dilution refrigerators

With the amazing progress made by dilution refrigerator manufacturers to push base temperatures well below 10 mK, the need for accurate, simplified temperature measurements continues to grow. The RX-102B-RS meets this need as a resistive temperature device (RTD) that maintains sensitivity well below 10 mK.

Building on the success of the previous generation RX-102B, this sensor refines the package to improve thermal connection and adds optical radiation shielding to further reduce the issue of unwanted sensor heating.

When paired with the Lake Shore 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller, this sensor/instrument combination is the configuration of choice for simplified temperature monitoring or controlling below 50 mK.

Boundary-pushing calibrations

Going beyond the 20 mK calibration offered for many years, Lake Shore is pushing the boundary of world-class metrology by extending calibrations down to 10 mK for these sensors.

As a bonus for those pushing below 10 mK, 0.01B and 0.01C calibrated sensors will include additional extrapolated points to 5 mK to provide an easier method for determining temperature in this region with reasonable accuracy.

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