Custom cryogenic systems

Design capabilities

Typical examples of custom-engineered projects include:

  • Cryogenic cold traps with single or multiple chambers for adsorption of noble gases, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.
  • Ruggedized cryostats designed for space flights/micro-gravity experiments and balloon-borne cosmic microwave studies
  • Focal plane array and detector cooling Dewars for operation in any orientation
  • Ultra-high vacuum cryostats and superconducting magnet systems for scanning probe, atomic force, and scanning tunneling microscopes
  • Cryostats that operate from liquid helium temperatures to high temperatures (750 K or higher)
  • Custom vibration isolated systems
  • Tensile testing and high-pressure diamond anvil cell cryostats
  • Dewars designed to ASME code, with complete structural, stress, and thermal analysis
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