Model 332 Cryogenic Temperature Controller

​The Model 332 is discontinued. Please consider the Model 335.

Model 332 features

  • Operates down to 500 mK with appropriate NTC RTD sensors
  • Two sensor inputs
  • Supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple sensors
  • Sensor excitation current reversal eliminates thermal EMF errors for resistance sensors
  • Two autotuning control loops: 50 W and 10 W
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces, analog outputs, and alarm relays

Building on the best selling Model 331 temperature controller platform, the Model 332 incorporates advanced electronics for high resolution temperature measurement and control. The Model 332 automatically scales excitation current to support Cernox® and other negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistors to as low as 500 mK. The Model 332 also includes 50 W and 10 W heater outputs for greater flexibility in cryocooler applications requiring a second heater for fine and coarse control. More about the Model 332...

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