Guarded insert for PPMS®

Guarded insert for PPMS

Guarded insert for PPMS features

  • Fastest measurement with reduced settling time
  • Best performance for low-noise, low-current measurement
  • Fully guarded from instrument to sample when used with the M91 FastHall™ controller

The Lake Shore guarded insert can be used alone or with one of our PPMS Hall measurement packages that include the MeasureReady® M91 FastHall controller. Cut your measurement time up to one-half with the M91. Measurements are so fast that time-dependent misalignment errors are eliminated using the patented FastHall™ measurement technique.

  • FastHall eliminates the need for field reversal
  • Up to 100× faster for low-mobility materials
  • Lower mobilities can be measured using lower fields

Combine the measurement power of the M91, with or without the guarded insert, with Quantum Design’s Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®). In this partnership with Quantum Design, you can now seamlessly integrate with a PPMS application. Two measurement packages are available:

  • A high-resistance, low-noise package using the Lake Shore guarded insert
  • A standard resistance package that uses a Lake Shore breakout box to connect the M91 to the PPMS

Learn more about the available PPMS Hall measurement packages...

Guarded insert-PPMS connections

Control your measurements with MeasureLINK software

MeasureLINK™ software integrates easily with the PPMS MultiVu application software. MeasureLINK can be installed on the same PC with the MultiVu software or on a separate PC that is on the same network as the MultiVu PC.

MeasureLINK sample setup

Sample setup screen
Associate sample information with a measurement sequence, enter new sample information directly, or import sample information from previously saved file.

MeasureLINK sequence

Sequence screen
Build a sequence of steps that define the desired measurement protocol. Choose from measurement functions, control functions, or custom measurements.

MeasureLINK scripting

Script screen
Extend your system functionality by creating custom scripts that allow you to implement nearly any measurement. You can integrate third-party instruments, modify existing scripts, import other scripts, and it's simpler and faster than writing code from scratch.


  • Provides a simple way to start and step through your measurement sequences, as well as chart, log, and organize the result
  • Includes scripts for running Hall measurements and reporting the result
  • Enables automated control of field and management of sample temperature
  • Generates detailed reports including all the supporting intermediate data so you can readily confirm the integrity of the final results
  • Allows for customization of measurement sequences for specific Hall research requirements (optional upgrade)