DT-470 Series Silicon Diodes

DT-470 Series Silicon Diodes

Please note: The DT-470 Series silicon diodes have been discontinued. Our recommended replacements are the DT-670 silicon diodes.

DT-470-SD Features

  • Monotonic temperature response from 10 K to 500 K*
  • Conformance to standard Curve 10 temperature response curve
  • Useful above 60 K in magnetic fields up to 5 T
  • The rugged, reliable Lake Shore SD package designed to withstand repeated thermal cycling and minimize sensor self-heating
  • Variety of packaging options

*Calibrated to 500 K, uncalibrated (Curve 10) to 475 K

DT-471 hermetically sealed silicon diode

The DT-471 silicon diode cryogenic temperature sensors incorporate remarkably uniform sensing elements that exhibit precise, repeatable, monotonic temperature response over a wide range. The elements are mounted into rugged, hermetically sealed packages that have been specifically designed for proper thermal behavior in a cryogenic environment. The result is a family of cryogenic sensors with temperature characteristics so predictable, tightly grouped, and stable that the sensors in most applications are routinely interchangeable with one another.

ESD warning

DT-621-HRDT-621-HR Miniature Silicon Diode

The DT-621 miniature silicon diode temperature sensor is configured for installation on flat surfaces. The DT-621 sensor package exhibits precise, monotonic temperature response over its useful range. The sensor chip is in direct contact with the epoxy dome, which causes increased voltage below 20 K and prevents full range Curve DT-670 conformity. For use below 20 K, calibration is required.

packaging optionsDT-SD, CO, ET, MT, CU/CU-HT, DI, CY, LR, BO

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The Lake Shore SD Package—The most rugged, versatile package in the industry

The SD package, with direct sensor-to sapphire base mounting, hermetic seal, and brazed Kovar leads, provides the industry’s most rugged, versatile sensors with the best sample to chip connection. Designed so heat coming down the leads bypasses the chip, it can survive several thousand hours at 500 K (depending on model) and is compatible with most ultra high vacuum applications. It can be indium soldered to samples without shift in sensor calibration. If desired, the SD package is also available without Kovar leads.