EM4/EM7 Electromagnets


The EM4 and EM7 electromagnets have been discontinued.

Electromagnet Features

  • Continuously adjustable poles allow rapid air gap changes to suit individual experiments, assuring magnet versatility
  • Exceptional field intensities achieved with cylindrical or tapered pole caps
  • Water-cooled coils provide excellent field stability and uniformity
  • Removable pole caps facilitate variable pole face configurations and easy pole cap exchange
  • Accurate pole alignment by precise construction of the air gap adjustment mechanism
  • Precision yoke of magnetically soft, ultra-pure steel to assure precise alignment of the pole caps - critical for good homogeneity and reproducibility
  • The EM7 yoke is oriented at a 45° angle and the EM4 yoke at a 40° angle for optimum air gap accessibility
  • Compact size of the EM4 permits convenient bench-top mounting
  • Optional optical access pole caps available

The Lake Shore EM4 and EM7 series electromagnets (EM) produce variable magnetic fields with a variety of air gap and pole cap configurations. The EM series are ideally suited for integration into customer designed magnetic test platforms for applications including magneto-optical studies, magnetic hysteresis studies, in-line annealing, Hall effect studies, susceptibility measurements, spin magnetic resonance demonstrations, and biological studies.

The HV series feature continuously adjustable poles, allowing rapid air gap changes to suit individual experiments, and threaded or bolt-on mounting that provides easy pole cap exchange. The EM series incorporate water-cooled coils and precision yokes made of magnetically soft, ultra-pure steel, assuring precise pole cap alignment as well as excellent field homogeneity and stability. The EM7 yoke is oriented at a 45° angle and the EM4 yoke at a 40° angle for optimum air gap accessibility. The EM4 series are also compact in size and have steel eyebolts, permitting convenient bench-top mounting to optical tables.

The EM series coupled with a Lake Shore magnet power supply (MPS) form a versatile laboratory electromagnet characterization system. This system, with true bipolar MPS power output, provides rapid uniform magnetic field ramping and field reversal to avoid discontinuities that occur during zero crossover when using unipolar power supplies.

Larger magnets are also available from Lake Shore.