PS-100 tabletop probe station

PS-100 tabletop cryogenic probe station

PS-100 tabletop probe station features

  • Fully specified, preconfigured entry-level system
  • Compact tabletop design with four-arm triaxial configuration
  • Affordable, simple to order, rapidly shipped
  • Just add cryogen and vacuum pump
  • Can be field upgraded for other TTPX capabilities


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The Model PS-100 offers versatile cryogenic testing in a standard, fully specified system, making the probe station ideal for labs with limited funding or who are just starting out with materials testing. Plus, it can be provided to you fast. Typically, it can be in your lab worldwide in less than a month from the time it is ordered. Just add cryogen and vacuum pump.

The PS-100 comes preconfigured for sensitive, high-impedance DC measurements, enabling its use in a wide variety of applications. It features a four-arm triaxial TTPX configuration for four-point probing and offers high-stability operation over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 475 K. High-precision, micro-manipulated stages ensure accurate probe tip placement, and the PS-100 accommodates samples up to 32 mm (1.25 in) in diameter.

The compact tabletop design is perfect for academic and laboratory research settings. It provides efficient cryogenic temperature operation with a continuous refrigeration system using either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. With the included Lake Shore Model 336 temperature controller, you can regulate sample stage and radiation shield temperatures independently while monitoring probe arm temperature.

Plus, the Model PS-100 features complete thermal anchoring and radiation shielding that keeps heat from reaching the sample. Probes are cooled to the sample stage temperature to minimize heat load to the device under test.

The Model PS-100 tabletop cryogenic probe station is also field upgradable. When your research needs change, or your budget allows, you can add other capabilities, such as low- or high-temperature options, vibration isolation, or backside optical access by selecting options from the TTPX family.


Sample holders

Probing configurations

Vision system

Sample temperature accuracy is key

Includes PC with MeasureLINK software

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