Sample Holders

grounded sample holderGrounded sample holder

Direct contact to the sample stage to minimize thermal gradient to sample; electrically grounded to station chassis

triaxial sample holderTriaxial sample holder

Electrically isolated sample surface with electrically isolated guard layer between sample surface and ground; external connection for sample surface and guard in chamber base with triaxial feedthrough

coaxial sample holderCoaxial sample holder

Electrically isolated sample surface with external connection for backside bias of the sample in chamber base with BNC feedthrough

optical sample holderOptical access sample holder (-O, TTPX only)

Any configuration sample holder with a 5 mm hole in the center for direct line of sight to backside of sample

Ring magnetsRing magnet sample holder kit

The ring magnet sample holder kit provides a convenient, low-cost way to perform device testing under limited magnetic field conditions in the PS-100, TTPX, CPX, CRX-4K, and CRX-6.5K probe stations. (It is not compatible with probe stations using a low temperature option.) The kit includes a set of 4 ring magnets, 3 matched spacers, and a special, grounded sample holder to mount the magnets in one of four possible configurations.

The magnets are positioned 1 mm above the top of the sample holder, creating nominal fields of 0.19 T, 0.177 T, 0.144 T, and 0.085 T at the sample holder elevation. The actual magnetic field obtained will depend on the magnet temperature. Standard operating temperature ranges for the probe station apply.

Sample holder configurations

 Sample holder typeFeedthrough requiredTTPX, PS-100CPX, CRX-6.5K, CRX-4KCPX-VF, CRX-VFEMPX-H2,
Included with stationGroundedNoneØ32 mm (1.25 in)Ø32 mm (1.25 in)Ø32 mm (1.25 in)Ø25 mm (1 in)Ø102 mm (4 in)
OptionalGroundedØ51 mm (2 in)Ø51 mm (2 in)Ø51 mm (2 in)Ø25 mm (1 in)Ø102 mm (4 in)
Ring magnetNoneØ17 mm (0.68 in)Ø17 mm (0.68 in)NANANA
(TTPX only)
Grounded-OØ32 mm (1.25 in) or
Ø51 mm (2 in)


sample holder diagram

Sample holder specifications

 Electrical isolation*Temperature difference**Maximum temperature
GroundedNA0.1 K to 0.2 K475 K***
Coaxial>100 MΩapproximately 1 K400 K
Triaxial>100 GΩapproximately 1 to 2 K400 K

*Isolation measured at 100 V potential between conductive surfaces
**Temperature difference between the top of the sample holder and the sample stage temperature sensor. Additional temperature difference can be expected between the sample and sample holder, depending on mounting technique and experimental heat load.
***500 K when used in CRX-VF


FT-BNC2-lug BNC feedthrough installed and wired for coaxial sample holders
FT-TRIAX3-lug triaxial feedthrough installed and wired for triaxial sample holders

Optical access kit

FT-OPTICOptical access kit—includes window, window holder, tower, and related components