f71-teslameter-gaussmeterF71 teslameter475425-t
DescriptionMulti-axis/single-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtop
Probe typeMost versatile for vector or single-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurements
Field ranges (G)1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG
Frequency ranges (Hz)DC to 50 kHzDC to 50 kHzDC to 20 kHzDC to 10 kHz
Accuracy at 1 kG1.5 G1.5 G4.9 G9.2 G
AC filteringAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedBasic
Field controlOptionOption
Alarm thresholds
Pulse management
Analog out
DriversLabVIEW™, IVI.NET, PythonLabVIEW™, IVI.NET, PythonLabVIEW™LabVIEW™
Screen5 in touchscreen5 in touchscreen2-line LCD2-line LCD
ConnectivityUSB, EthernetUSB, EthernetRS-232, GPIBUSB
Suggested applications
Permanent magnet quality control
Magnet sorting
Electromagnet field control
AC field measurementBestBest
Scientific research/systems

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F71 Multi-axis teslameter 

F41 Single-axis teslameter

Perfect for measuring magnetic fields in a wide variety of applications, the new Lake Shore Cryotronics F71 and F41 teslameters with FP Series probes offer a new level of precision, convenience, and dependability.

F71/F41 teslameter features

  • TruZero™ technology eliminates the need to re-zero probes
  • Superior measurement performance for many scenarios
  • TiltView™ touchscreen display for operating simplicity
  • Highly configurable probes to suit your application
  • Multiple software driver options to ease integration
  • 3-year standard warranty

Model 475 features

  • Full-scale ranges from 35 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 0.02 mG
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.05%
  • DC to 50 kHz frequency range (probe-dependent)
  • 15 band-pass and 3 low-pass AC filters
  • Peak capture to 20 µs pulse widths
  • Data buffer sampling rates to 1000 rdg/s
  • Computer interface sampling rates to 100 new rdg/s
  • Integrated electromagnet field control algorithm
  • Specialized and custom probes available
  • CE mark certification

Model 425 features

  • Field ranges from 350 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 4¾ digits (1 part of ±35,000)
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.20%
  • DC to 10 kHz AC frequency
  • USB interface
  • Large liquid crystal display
  • Sort function (displays pass/fail message)
  • Alarm with relay
  • Standard and custom probes available
  • CE mark certification