LHe and LN₂ cryostats

SuperTran cryostat features

  • 2 K to 800 K
  • Can use either LHe or LN2
  • Sample in vacuum

SuperTran-VP cryostat features

  • <2 K to 420 K
  • Can use either LHe or LN2
  • Sample-in-flowing-vapor

RGC4 Series features

  • All the flexibility and convenience of a continuous-flow cryostat without liquid helium
  • Compatible with most existing SuperTran cryostats
  • Fast sample change without warming up the RGC4 cooler
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Low vibration

VPF-100 Series features

  • 65 K to 800 K
  • Fast cooldown—15 min to 77 K
  • Sample-in-vacuum

VNF-100 Series features

  • 65 K to 500 K
  • Fast sample change
  • Sample in flowing vapor

SuperVariTemp cryostat features

  • <2 K to 300 K
  • Can use either LHe or LN2
  • Sample-in-flowing-vapor, pour-fill reservoir
Cooling typeLHe, LN2LN2LHe, LN2LN2       
Minimum temperature<2 K65 K2 K to 6 K65 K       
Maximum temperature420 K500 K800 K800 K       
VibrationOptions for low vibration       
Sample environmentFlowing vaporFlowing vaporVacuumVacuum       
Sample typeAllAllConductive, solidConductive, solid       
Cooldown30 min (to 5 K)30 min (to 77 K)15 min (to 5 K)15 min (to 77 K)       
Sample change<10 min<10 min       
 STVP part numberVNF part numberST part numberVPF part numberOpticalSizeSpecific applicationVibrationRotatable sampleMaximum temperatureMinimum temperature
   ST-100     500 K2 K
   ST-100-H     800 K2 K
    VPF-100    500 K65 K
    VPF-100-H    800 K65 K
 STVP-100      325 K<2 K
 STVP-100-TH       420 K<2 K
  VNF-100     325 K65 K
  VNF-100-TH      500 K65 K
   ST-300  Magnetotransport  420 K2 K
   ST-300-C CompactMagnetotransport  420 K2 K
   ST-400 N/A* UHV  500 K2 K
   ST-400-H N/A* UHV  800 K2 K
   ST-500  Microscopy12 nm 475 K3.5 K
   ST-500-C CompactMicroscopy12 nm 475 K6 K
 STVP-NMR     NMR  325 K<2 K
   ST-FTIR  FTIR  500 K2.5 K
    VPF-FTIR FTIR  500 K65 K
 STVP-FTIR    FTIR 325 K<2 K

*Only includes cold finger, no vacuum shroud