ST-300 Series magnetotransport cryostats

Lake Shore SuperTran ST-300 Series cryostats are continuous flow cryostats with the sample located in vacuum, optimized for use in narrow-gap electromagnets and optical configurations with limited available space. They operate with either liquid helium for operation to 2 K or liquid nitrogen for operation to 77 K and withstand high temperatures up to 500 K. A high-efficiency transfer line delivers liquid cryogen to the cold finger for cooling, and temperatures below 4.2 K can be achieved with a vacuum pump. By utilizing the built-in heater and 335 temperature controller, these cryostats offer precise variable temperature control within 50 mK.

ST-300 Series cryostats can be combined with the RGC recirculating gas cooler for fully cryogen-free operation throughout the entire temperature range. This enables unattended cryostat operation, making it perfect for extended-duration measurements.

Custom configurations are also available to fit restricted spaces, such as magnet systems or spectrometers. The compact ST-300-C is our narrowest window block for use with a microscope.

ST-300 Series datasheet

ST-300 Series cryostat features

  • 2 K to 420 K
  • Fast cooldown—15 min to 5 K
  • Sample in vacuum
Temperature range~2 K to 420 K

Lake Shore temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

Typical cryogen consumption of optical SuperTran/-VP cryostats

Typical cryogen consumption of optical SuperTran cryostats

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M81-SSM synchronous source measure system
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MeasureLINK control software
MeasureLINK control software


MeasureLINK control software
Cryogen-free operation


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