CRX-VF cryogenic probe station

CRX-VF cryogenic probe station

CRX-VF cryogen-free vertical-field superconducting magnet probe station features

  • Cryogen-free operation
  • Allows unsupervised cooldown
  • Standard probing plus out-of-plane vertical field superconducting magnetic measurements
  • True 90° probing
  • Customizable up to 3 T with specialized probes
  • Customizable to make Hall measurements

Optional configurations

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Load-lock option   Load lock (PS-LL-CPX)
High vacuum option   High vacuum (PS-HV-CPX)
PSoption_Z160   Zoom 125 microscope (PS-Z12P5)
Read our tech note: 'A New Approach to Low-Level Measurements of  Nanostructures'
CRX-VF vacuum chamber and radiation shields

The CRX-VF is a cryogen-free, closed-cycle refrigerator probe station enhanced with a ±2.5 T vertical field superconducting magnet. It performs C-V, I-V, microwave, and electro-optical probing, plus out-of-plane vertical field superconducting magnetic measurements. Researchers can use the CRX-VF for performing Hall effect measurements and testing magneto-transport parameters. It is designed to enable true 90° wafer probing on wafers up to 51 mm (2 in) in diameter. The sample is maintained at elevated temperature during cooldown, reducing the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials.

Using a self-contained closed-cycle refrigerator (CCR), the CRX-VF cools down to cryogenic temperatures unassisted, eliminating the need for monitoring by the researcher. It operates over a standard range of 10 K to 500 K. This station is the solution for those looking for the convenience of cryogen-free operation and the dependable measurement performance of a Lake Shore product.



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Sample holders

Probing configurations

Vision system

Sample temperature accuracy is key

Includes PC with MeasureLINK software

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