M91 FastHall™ measurement controller


A new approach to Hall measurement

The MeasureReady® M91 is a revolutionary, all‑in-one Hall analysis instrument that delivers significantly higher levels of precision, speed, and convenience to researchers involved in the study of electronic materials.

Featuring Lake Shore’s patented* new FastHall measurement technique, the M91 fundamentally changes the way the Hall effect is measured by eliminating the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic field during the measurement. This breakthrough results in faster and more precise measurements, especially when using high-field superconducting magnets or when measuring very low-mobility materials.

You can also harness the power of FastHall along with a Quantum Design PPMS — check out our M91 FastHall™ analysis kit for PPMS®

*Protected by US patent number 9797965. Other patents pending.


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Simpler and more convenient

  • All-in-one instrument
  • Automatically selects optimal excitation and measurement levels
  • Automatically executes measurement steps
  • Provides complete Hall analysis
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate with existing lab systems
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Makes better measurements, faster

  • No need to reverse the magnetic field with FastHall
  • Up to 100× faster for low-mobility materials
  • Improves accuracy by minimizing thermal drift
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  • Build a new Hall system or upgrade an existing one
  • Add state-of-the-art Hall measurement capability to any lab
  • Use with any type of magnet

Watch the demo video:

Watch a demonstration video of our M91 FastHall measurement controller

GPIB adapter available

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With the FastHall Station, the M91 FastHall™ measurement controller is provided as part of an integrated, high-precision tabletop system for simplified Hall measurements and less experimental setup.

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FastHall Station detail


A convenient, single instrument

Traditional Hall effect measurement systems (HMS) provide basic electrical measurement instrumentation combined with a switching unit to measure sample resistivity and Hall voltages but must rely on separate PC-based software to perform pre- and post-measurement calculations in order to ultimately derive the physical parameters that researchers need to know—resistivity, carrier type, carrier concentration, mobility, and Hall coefficient.

The M91 FastHall measurement controller combines all the necessary HMS functions into a single instrument, automating and optimizing the measurement process and directly reporting the calculated parameters.

MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ measurement and control sequence

Others' approach vs. the FastHall™ approach

other Hall system components versus the FastHall controller

Adding HMS capabilities to any research platform has never been easier!

M91 with QD PPMS

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Operate easily

Watch a hands-on demo video

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