Hall probes

Lake Shore gaussmeters

Teslameters and gaussmeters require a Hall probe to sense magnetic field. Many different options exist to suit different scenarios. Ensure that the probe selected is compatible with the connecting teslameter or gaussmeter.

 FP SeriesH SeriesM Series
Compatible withF71/F41 teslameters475/455/425 gaussmeters460/421/420 gaussmeters
PerformanceEarth field to 35 TEarth field to 35 TEarth field to 30 T
Excellent accuracy and resolutionGood accuracy and resolutionGood accuracy and resolution
DC to 50 kHzDC to 20 kHzDC to 20 kHz
Form factorsHandheld probeHandheld probeHandheld probe
Mountable probe
Calibrated sensorUncalibrated sensor


FP Series Hall probe features

  • Wide field range—suited for everything from earth-field to the world’s strongest electromagnets
  • Sensors with tiny active area of just 0.1 mm2 for more precise measurements
  • Temperature and linearity (field) compensation are built-in
  • Versatile handle and stem options to suit numerous applications
  • Ease-of-use features such as active area and polarity indicators
  • Application-specific probe customization available

400 Series Hall probe features

  • Flexible probe configurations to suit your application
  • Several sensor types available with different performance characteristics
  • Most suited for field levels from earth field to very large electromagnets
  • Application-specific probe customization available