FP Series Hall probes

FP Series Hall Probes

FP Series Hall probe features

  • Wide field range—suited for everything from earth-field to the world’s strongest electromagnets
  • Sensors with tiny active area of just 0.1 mm2 for more precise measurements
  • Temperature and linearity (field) compensation are built-in
  • Versatile handle and stem options to suit numerous applications
  • Ease-of-use features such as active area and polarity indicators
  • Application-specific probe customization available

For model availability, see the probe selection guide

The FP Series probes make it easier than ever to integrate magnetic field measurement into your system. Take advantage of probes and sensors that really fit your application for optimum measurement results.

Lake Shore offers probes for every need, including 3-axis (vector), transverse, and axial models available in both handheld and fixture-mountable versions. Special cryogenic versions are also available.

If your application is unique, Lake Shore may be able to design a probe to fit your exact needs. FP Series probes are all manufactured in our Ohio facility, with engineering staff on site ready to support your application. Contact your local sales representative today to start the conversation.

Hand holding a Lake Shore FP Series Hall probe

FP Series probe selection guide

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