Magnetic instruments & sensors

Teslameters and gaussmeters


​Measure both DC and AC magnetic fields and control DC fields. Ideal for both industrial and scientific research applications. Handheld and benchtop units.

Hall probes

Hall probes

​Axial, transverse, multi-axis, and tangential Hall probes for measuring magnetic flux density. Choose from a wide range of lengths and thicknesses—probes are also available for cryogenic applications.

Hall effect (magnetic) sensors

Hall (magnetic) sensors

​Small, compact axial and transverse Hall generators for measuring flux density. Available for use at cryogenic temperatures.



​Measure total flux in industrial and measurement system settings—ideal for magnet testing and sorting and as the main component in BH loop or hysteresisgraph measurement applications.

Helmholtz and search coils

Helmholtz and search coils

​Standard field Helmholtz coils, magnet moment measurement Helmholtz coils, and search coils.