Model 455 DSP Gaussmeter

No longer available — please consider the F71 as an alternative.

Model 455 Features

  • Field ranges from 35 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 0.02 mG
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.075%
  • DC to 20 kHz AC frequency range
  • AC narrow and wide band modes
  • Standard probe included
  • Specialized and custom probes are also available
  • CE mark certification
Lake Shore 3-year warranty


The Model 455 digital signal processing (DSP) gaussmeter combines the technical advantages of DSP technology with many advanced features at a moderate price. DSP technology creates a solid foundation for accurate, stable, and repeatable field measurements. Advanced features including DC to 20 kHz AC frequency range, peak field detection to 50 µs pulse widths, DC accuracy of 0.075%, and up to 5¾ digits of display resolution make the Model 455 ideal for both industrial and research applications. For added functionality and value, the Model 455 includes a standard Lake Shore Hall probe.

DC measurement mode

Static or slowly changing fields are measured in DC mode. In this mode, the Model 455 takes advantage of the internal auto zero function and probe linearity compensation to provide a basic DC accuracy of ±0.075%. Measurement resolution is enhanced by advanced signal processing capability, allowing users the choice of reading rates to 30 readings per second or high resolution to 5¾ digits. Front-end amplification specifically designed to complement DSP data acquisition provides high stability and repeatability. That, along with probe temperature compensation, provides superior stability ideally suited for demanding DC measurement applications such as field mapping.

RMS peak mode

Periodic AC fields are measured in RMS mode. The Model 455 provides an overall RMS frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz and is equipped with both narrow and wide band frequency modes. While in narrow band mode, frequencies above 1 kHz are filtered out for improved measurement performance. The exclusive DSP algorithms free the Model 455 from the limitations of conventional RMS conversion hardware and provide for an excellent dynamic range, resolution, and frequency response.

Peak measurement mode

Peak measurement mode

Pulsed fields are measured in Peak mode, which is a natural extension of the high-speed data acquisition necessary for DSP operation. Fast instrument sample rates permit capture of positive and negative transient fields as narrow as 50 µs pulse widths. The peak reading can be held for an unlimited length of time with no sag. This is ideal for most magnetizers and other fast pulse applications. The Model 455 can also be configured to follow the peak of a periodic waveform for evaluation of crest factor.

The probe connection

The Model 455 is only half of the magnetic measurement equation. For the complete solution, Lake Shore offers a full complement of standard and custom Hall effect probes in a variety of sizes and sensitivities. See the table of stock probes recommended for use with this gaussmeter. We also offer other probes. If you don’t see the probe you need, give us a call.

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