Built for science, designed for people

The M91 is a powerful research instrument that incorporates Lake Shore’s decades of experience in Hall effect measurement. It’s also really easy to work with.

Easy to get started

  • Begin using the M91 right out of the box with the included MeasureLINK-MCS application software
  • Install MeasureLINK on your laptop and easily enter measurement parameters
  • MeasureLINK enables you to easily initiate Hall measurement sequences and view graphical results
  • Measurement sequences can be readily customized and adapted to your research needs
MeasureLINK software

Easy to use

  • Onboard touchscreen UI displays measurement process steps as they execute in real time, and provides quick access to view high-level measurement results
  • Ergonomically designed package features TiltView™ display for best visibility, whether on a bench or mounted in a rack

Easy to integrate

  • Simple SCPI command interface
  • MeasureLINK software facilitates integration with third party instruments and software
  • Hardware digital and analog I/O for OEM system interfaces

See and operate more easily with TiltView™


Viewing angle of the M91

M91 in a simple Hall system

A cost effective way to build a new Hall system or upgrade an existing one

A few simple connections and you’re ready to begin analyzing your samples. Whether you choose to use a simple benchtop holder and magnet, a magnet-equipped probe station, an electromagnet platform, or a more specialized apparatus, the M91 makes it easy to bring state-of-the-art Hall measurement capability to your lab.

Lake Shore’s versatile MeasureLINK-MCS software, included with each M91, gives you a simple way to customize, start, and step-through your measurement sequences, as well as chart, log and organize the results. MeasureLINK also enables automated control of field, management of sample temperature, and coordinated integration with other instrumentation and measurement protocols. With MeasureLINK, the M91 FastHall measurement controller becomes an even more powerful component to support your advanced semiconductor research.


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