MeasureReady GPIB adapter

Product description

  • GPIB interface to Lake Shore MeasureReady instruments via standard rear panel USB-C port
  • Designed to work specifically with Lake Shore MeasureReady and teslameter instruments
  • Supports maximum serial transfer capabilities of each supported Lake Shore instrument
  • Address easily set up from the instrument front panel interface, with other GPIB parameters displayed 
  • 2-year standard warranty

Key features

  • Plug and play connection and setup with Lake Shore instruments from touch screen front panel interfaces
  • IEEE-488.2 compatibility includes local and remote front panel lockout modes and standard CR, LF, and EOI terminators
  • LED status indicator shows data transfer and connection status at a glance
  • Thumb screw-style strain-relieved USB-C cable prevents accidental disconnection from instrument or adapter

Minimum requirements

The adapter is currently only compatible with the 155 precision current source, the M91 FastHall controller, and the F71/F41 teslameters. The minimum OS and firmware requirements are listed below.

OS/firmwareVersionRelease dateSizeDownload
Operating system
(all applicable instruments)
2.6.42020-09-29272 MB

Please visit instrument firmware pages for the latest XIP OS

155 firmware1.4.20210623012021-07-1444 MB155 firmware update page  THis link opens in a new window
M91 firmware1.6.20210106032021-02-0445 MBM91 firmware update page  THis link opens in a new window
F71/F41 firmware1.8.20210628062021-07-1444 MBF71/F41 firmware update page  THis link opens in a new window



Data throughput: Limited to 3 megabit rate between adapter and host instrument

Valid accepted terminators: Lf, CrLf, LF +EOI, CrLf + EOI, EOI

Generated response terminator: CrLf + EOI

IEEE-488.2 capabilities: SH1, AH1, T5, L4, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT0, C0, E1

LED annunciator:

  • Slow blink: Power applied, awaiting initialization from host instrument
  • Solid: host instrument initialization complete, ready for GPIB comms
  • Fast blink: data being exchanged between GPIB bus and host instrument

Primary address range: 0 to 30

Connector: IEEE-488 24-pin receptacle with M3.5 jack screws

Host instrument connectivity: USB Type-C™ cable with single screw lock, 1 m length

Dimensions: 110 mm × 67 mm × 28 mm (4.3 in × 2.6 in × 1.1 in)

Weight: 142 g (5.0 oz), includes weight of supplied USB cable

Power dissipation: 1 W steady-state, typical

Operating ambient temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C and <70% relative humidity non-condensing

Approval: CE mark