ST-400 Series ultra-high vacuum cryostats

Lake Shore SuperTran ST-400 Series continuous flow ultra-high vacuum cryostats are specially designed for use in UHV environments. They come with a high-efficiency transfer line, and each cryostat is built to order so that the cold finger length and ConFlat-style vacuum flange may be sized to fit the user's chamber.

ST-400 Series datasheet

ST-400 Series features

  • 2 K to 800 K
  • Sample-UHV configuration
  • Sample in vacuum
Temperature range2 K to 500 K2 K to 800 K

Lake Shore temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

Typical cryogen consumption of optical SuperTran/-VP cryostats

Typical cryogen consumption of optical SuperTran cryostats

Complete your system

M81-SSM synchronous source measure system
Source + measure + lock-in


MeasureLINK control software
MeasureLINK control software


MeasureLINK control software
Cryogen-free operation


Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

ST-400 vacuum cryostat
ST-400 ultra-high vacuum cryostat