VNF-100 Series cryostats


VNF-100 Series features

  • 65 K to 500 K
  • Fast sample change
  • Sample in flowing vapor
 OpticalMinimum temperature1Maximum temperature
VNF-10065 K325 K
VNF-100-TH 65 K500 K
1Operation below 77 K requires pumping manifold


How to choose the right research cryostat

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Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Lake Shore VNF-100 Series cryostats are liquid nitrogen-cooled with the sample located in flowing vapor. Ideal for experiments with samples that are difficult to thermally anchor, such as liquid or powder samples.

Temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

The sample space is of the LN2 reservoir, so no warmup is required for sample changes. The sample is easily accessed by removing the top-loading sample positioner.

VNF-100 Series datasheet

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