FTIR cryostats

STVP-FTIR, ST-FTIR, and VPF-FTIR cryostats are optimized for use with commercial FTIR spectrometers. An integrated translation stage is used to move a reference or sample into alignment with the IR beam. Sample holders have three positions and integrated rotation provides additional sample-to-beam alignment. Mounting flanges are available for securing to a wide range of FTIR sample compartments, including purged and evacuated configurations. Access to the sample space is provided by a quick disconnect clamp. The four-way optical sample chamber can be configured for reflectance or transmission measurements. Optional window materials can be installed to span the far/mid-IR, VUV, and x-ray regions for a variety of spectroscopic measurements. A compact vacuum shroud is available for use with the reflectance accessory of most commercial FTIR spectrometers. For the STVP and ST models, temperatures below 4.2 K are achieved by reducing the venting helium gas pressure using a vacuum pump.

STVP-FTIR and ST-FTIR cryostats can be combined with the RGC recirculating gas cooler for cryogen-free operation, enabling unattended cryostat operation — ideal for extended duration measurements.

FTIR cryostat features

  • Integrated sample translator
  • Linear manipulator with 51 mm (2 in) travel
  • Multiple-position sample holder

Lake Shore temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

 Minimum temperatureMaximum temperatureSample environment
STVP-FTIR<2 K325 KFlowing vapor
ST-FTIR<2.5 K500 KVacuum
VPF-FTIR65 K500 KVacuum

Complete your system

M81-SSM synchronous source measure system
Source + measure + lock-in


MeasureLINK control software
MeasureLINK control software


MeasureLINK control software
Cryogen-free operation


Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

ST-FTIR cryostat