The 240 Series modules connect with PROFIBUS‑DP compatible networks, giving PLCs direct access to temperature values. This eliminates the need for additional I/O modules and complex conversion algorithms within the PLC to generate values when working with cryogenic temperature sensors.

The ability to communicate temperature directly with a PLC has many advantages:

  • Commercially supported solution with proven results
  • No additional I/O modules required to energize or read the temperature sensor
  • The process of converting from measured voltage or resistance to temperature units does not need to be programmed into the PLC’s control logic.
240 modules a low-risk option

Internally converting to temperature units represents the greatest reduction in time, cost, and risk when building a control system that includes cryogenic temperature management. Creating code that generates temperature values reliably can take days and the ability to maintain that code then becomes a liability if the attached sensor ever needs to be changed. Lake Shore 240 Series modules are the only low-risk option available for cryogenic temperature control in a PLC network. Direct instrument connection via USB makes configuration and maintenance easy and can be used for permanent temperature monitoring in systems not compatible with PROFIBUS-DP.

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