Model 211 cryogenic temperature monitor

Model 211 features

  • Operates down to 1.2 K
  • 1 sensor input
  • Supports diode and RTD sensors
  • 0 V to 10 V or 4 mA to 20 mA output

The Lake Shore single-channel Model 211 temperature monitor provides a benchtop temperature monitor's accuracy, resolution, and interface features in an easy-to-use, easily integrated, compact instrument. With appropriate sensors, the Model 211 measures temperature from 1.4 K to 800 K, including temperatures in high vacuum and magnetic fields. Alarms, relays, user-configurable analog voltage or current output, and a serial interface are standard features on the Model 211. It is a good choice for liquefied gas storage and monitoring, cryopump control, cryo-cooler, and materials science applications, and applications requiring greater accuracy than thermocouples allow. More about the Model 211...

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