Sensor input reading capability

The Model 211 Temperature Monitor supports diode temperature sensors and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The Model 211 can be configured for the type of sensor in use from the instrument front panel. Ensuring high accuracy and 5-digit measurement resolution are 4-lead differential measurement and 24-bit analog-to digital conversion.

The Model 211 converts voltage or resistance to temperature units based on temperature response curve data for the sensor in use. Standard temperature response curves for silicon diodes and platinum RTDs are included in instrument firmware. The Model 211 also provides non-volatile memory for one 200-point temperature response curve, which can be entered via the serial interface.


With an RS-232C serial interface and other interface features, the Model 211 is valuable as a stand-alone monitor and is easily integrated into other systems. Setup and every instrument function can be performed via serial interface or the front panel of the Model 211. Temperature data can be read up to seven times per second over computer interface; the display is updated twice each second. High and low alarms can be used in latching mode for error limit detection and in non-latching mode in conjunction with relays to perform simple on-off control functions. The analog output can be configured for either 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA output.

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The Model 211 has a 6-digit LED display with measurements available in temperature units K, °C, °F, or sensor units V or W

211 rear panel