Model 224 Temperature Monitor

Model 224 features

  • Lake Shore’s most capable cryogenic temperature monitor
  • Equipped with 12 sensor channels for maximum monitoring capabilities
  • Precisely measures in both higher temperature and cryogenic applications—down to 300 mK
  • Ideal for multi-sensor lab uses, particularly for monitoring Cernox® sensors
  • Ethernet, USB and IEEE-488 computer interfaces
  • Proven, intuitive interface
  • Customizable display enables you to label individual input channels
Download the latest instrument firmware and Ethernet firmware

Due to global supply disruptions, longer than usual lead times may be experienced.

The Lake Shore Model 224 temperature monitor offers precision measurement in a wide range of cryogenic and higher-temperature applications with the ability to easily monitor up to 12 sensor channels. It provides better measurement performance in applications where researchers need to ensure accuracy and precision in their low cryogenic temperature monitoring. Used with Lake Shore’s Cernox® sensors, the Model 224 enables reliable and repeatable temperature measurement over a broad range and as low as 300 mK.

Cernox thin-film RTD sensors offer high sensitivity and low magnetic field-induced errors at cryogenic temperatures. The Model 224 has been optimized for use with these well-respected temperature sensors and features many of the same advanced capabilities of the Lake Shore Model 336 temperature controller, including its proven high-precision input circuitry.

In addition to Cernox, the Model 224 supports other NTC RTDs, PTC RTDs such as platinum sensors, and diodes such as the Lake Shore DT-670 Series. In cryogenic applications, the monitor is an ideal addition to any university or commercial low-temperature research lab requiring measurement flexibility using multiple sensors and sensor types. Used with silicon diodes, it provides accurate measurements in cryo-cooler and cryo-gas production applications from 1.4 K to above room temperature. Connected to PTC RTDs (platinum and rhodium-iron sensors), the Model 224 works well in cryogenic applications at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

You can set up different sensor types and responses on each input to support simultaneous measurement of various critical points in a system. Examples include monitoring multiple cryogenic refrigeration systems (e.g., liquid nitrogen Dewars, He-4 cryostats, and closed-cycle refrigerators), multiple stages within systems operating at different temperature levels, thermal gradient profiling, redundant measurements of critical values, leak detection, and other cryogenic applications where you need accurate readings at multiple points. Alarm thresholds can be configured independently for each input, and alarm events can activate the unit’s relay outputs for hard-wired triggering of other systems or audible annunciators. Activate relays on high, low, or both alarms for any input. More...

Model 224 quick look (4:14)

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