Ryan Oliver

Director of Product Management for Sensors & Instruments

Keeping pace with the needs of people working at the extreme cold end of the temperature scale or with ridiculously strong magnetic fields is so incredibly rewarding. Contributing to the overall advancement of society was always a goal of mine, and working at Lake Shore allows me to do that on a regular basis.

Ryan Oliver

Ryan Oliver is Director of Product Management for Sensors and Instruments, including those used for temperature and magnetic measurement. Originally from Australia, Ryan earned his BSci degree in Microelectronic Engineering from Griffith University in 2006 and master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Southern Queensland in 2013. Ryan worked as a Design & Sales Engineer with a family-owned company specialized in designing and supplying satellite and terrestrial communication networks. Later, when promoted to Product Manager, he was responsible for localizing and releasing several unique products to the Australian market.

Ryan joined us as Product Manager in 2013 (and officially became a U.S. citizen in 2017) and was appointed to his current position in 2023. He oversees product management activities related to thermometry and magnetic measurement technology, working with various departments to provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality solutions to the international research community as well as industry leaders working with cryogenics or large magnetic fields. 

Since joining Lake Shore, he has led in introducing a new line of input modules for sensor monitoring in large-scale physics experiments and new off-the-shelf cryogenic sensors for mission-critical applications. He also works with suppliers on the procurement and verification of components used in sensor manufacture as well as with OEMs and partners in specifying products that meet the exacting requirements of aerospace and particle research applications. Ryan also travels to customer sites and industry conferences, obtaining information that affords Lake Shore the ability to better serve its global user base.