Ogi Karabatković

Technical Support Manager

The most-rewarding part of working as Technical Support Manager at Lake Shore is assisting our customers while they are working on fascinating cutting-edge technology applications.

Ogi Karabatkovic

Ogi Karabatković is a 2007 graduate of The Ohio State University, holding a BSc degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Prior to joining Lake Shore, he gained valuable experience through internships in electronics engineering within the space and medical industries. Beginning his tenure with Lake Shore in 2007 as an Electronics Engineer Intern, he transitioned to a full-time role in 2008 as an Instrument Engineer. In this capacity, he was responsible for the design and release of the Model 425 gaussmeter as well as contributing to the design and validation of the Model 336 controller and other instruments. Subsequently, Ogi moved to the Lake Shore Service Department as a Technical Support Engineer, leveraging his technical design background to provide comprehensive support to product users on a daily basis.

In 2023, Ogi was appointed Technical Support Manager, building upon over a decade of experience as a support engineer. He brings a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face and possesses the expertise to resolve them effectively. Leading a dedicated team of support engineers and specialists, Ogi and his team share the common goal of assisting our customers in advancing science through our products and services.