ST-200 non-optical (tubular) cryostat

The ST-200 series are cryostats with tubular tails suitable for resistivity measurements or experimental configurations where square tails are undesirable.

Also available: the ST-200-NMR cryostat for NMR spectroscopy

We offer an application-specific variation of the tubular SuperTran ST-200 cryostat. This very specialized design includes a thermal anchor above the radiation shield for mounting electronics and a number of rotary and BNC electrical feedthroughs for access to the sample area.

ST-200 datasheet


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Designed for non-optical experiments, the ST-200 includes the following components:

  • Tubular vacuum shroud
  • Tubular radiation shield
  • Blank sample holder
  • One (1) 10-pin electrical feedthrough
  • Three (3) blank feedthrough ports
  • Temperature sensor
  • 6 ft superinsulated cryogen transfer line
  • Control heater
  • System test

Typical applications:

  • High Tc
  • Resistivity
  • Hall studies
  • Magnetoresistivity
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • Diffractions:
    • Gamma ray
    • Neutron (please see other configurations)
    • X-ray

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ST-200/ST-200-NMR specifications

Temperature range~2 K to 500 K (800 K optional)
Initial cooldown time15 min
Nominal temperature stability (with controller) 50 mK or less
OrientationAny position (with increased helium consumption)
System weight (without transfer line)~10 lb (4.6 kg)
Cryogen consumption on cooldown0.4 L LHe (325 K to 4.2 K)
0.1 L LN2 (325 K to 77 K)
Nominal cryogen consumption rate

0.6 L/h LHe (5 K)
0.1 L/h LN2 (100 K)

NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation. Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.

Other configurations

Other tubular configurations:

  • High temperature (800 K)
  • Bottom window
  • Large diameter sample space
  • Thin wall aluminum vacuum shroud

Continuous flow SuperTran cryostat for neutron scattering

Continuous Flow SuperTran Cryostat for Neutron Scattering