ST-170 electron spin resonance (ESR) cryostat

Specifically designed for magnetic resonance applications, the ST-170 cryostat is the ideal choice for ESR spectroscopy. Using the same high-efficiency transfer line as the other SuperTran cryostats, the ST-170 features low helium consumption and fast cool down. The cryostat will easily fit between the poles of a magnet.

Standard configuration

Designed for magnetic resonance applications, the ST-170 ESR continuous flow cryostat has the sample located in flowing helium vapor and is therefore ideal for studying samples with poor thermal conductivity.

The ST-170 cryostat has the following features:

  • Temperature range ~3 K to 450 K
  • Rapid cooldown
  • Low cryogen consumption
  • Sample located in flowing vapor
  • Top loading design for rapid sample exchange
  • Compact design to fit easily between magnet poles
  • High-efficiency liquid helium transfer line
  • Magnetic field independent thermometry located very close to the sample for accurate temperature measurement
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel construction

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ESR Electron Spin Resonance Cryostat