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If you attended the APS March Meeting you might’ve gotten an early look at our Model 372 AC resistance bridge & temperature controller. Available this summer, it will be be a great addition to any application requiring precise cryogenic temperature control (down to 10 mK) or for measuring very low-impedance devices and materials.

In this recently published EDN Network article, Jeff Dierker explains how Hall effect sensors operate and outlines common industrial applications. He also offers some general pointers on sensor mounting alternatives, which can helpful when you need something other than a standard Hall probe configuration.

Jeff Dierker, Lake Shore Senior Consulting Engineer, explains how QC departments can avoid expensive mistakes.

​The Model 224 gives you the maximum measurement flexibility in low-temperature applications, supporting Lake Shore high-sensitivity Cernox™ thin-film RTD sensors as well as other NTC RTDs, PTC RTDs, and diodes.

Senior Scientist Brad Dodrill explains how first-order-reversal-curves (FORCs) provide insight into materials, including interaction properties or coercivity distributions.