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The new firmware update increases the number of simultaneous measurements that can be made and implements a cubic-spline interpolation method to more accurately convert resistance measurements to temperature values.

Offered in a free beta trial version, this software package allows Lake Shore 7300/7400 Series VSM users to more easily analyze candidate materials for magnetocaloric effect (MCE) behavior by calculating the magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of the materials.

Held at the University of Minnesota in Mineapolis on July 23 and 24, it will be both a research symposium and a hands-on training on the use of FORCs to characterize magnetic materials. Register now!

The non-destructive testing of wafer-scale materials and controlled environment of our CRX-VF cryogenic probe station and the DC Hall measurement capabilities of our 8400 Series Hall system are now both available in the new Model 8425.