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Biomedical Measurement & Control

Biomedical Measurement and Control

MRI, NMR, and MRT system technicians and engineers benefit from thermometry technology for measuring the temperature of cooled superconducting magnets. Accurate temperature readings are necessary to ensure that the machines are properly cooled before recharging their magnets during cold head service testing or troubleshooting. For this, technicians use Lake Shore cryogenic temperature monitoring equipment.

Beyond that, Lake Shore also offers technology that can help you:

  • Measure magnetic material properties in new medical devices, including those with nanowire arrays
  • Detect magnetic fringe and residual fields in labs to assess user exposure
  • Monitor temperature in cryogenic systems used for tissue and specimen preservation
  • Measure cryogenic temperature in lab liquefiers
  • Map arrays of magnets used in medical equipment
  • Identify magnetic carriers in powders and fluids used for targeted drug delivery 
Choosing the right magnetic measurement equipment
Biomedical Measurement and Control