High-Energy & Plasma Physics

High-Energy Physics

Lake Shore supplies measurement technology to help those tasked with designing cryogenic systems used in large high-energy physics and fusion reactors. Scientists conducting experiments at government research labs and multinational research facilities have benefited from Lake Shore thermometry sensing, control, and monitoring technology.

Our products can be found in the CERN Large Hadron Collider, where approximately 6,000 Lake Shore sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the particle accelerator superconducting magnets, and we have also supplied measurement equipment and sensors to plasma physics research projects.

For mission-critical “big physics” projects, Lake Shore technology can help you:

  • Provide reliable thermometry for superconductive magnets used in accelerators
  • Ensure stable temperatures in fusion experiments
  • Monitor temperature of liquid hydrogen targets for nuclear and particle experiments
  • Enable reliable temperature readings in high radiation environments
  • Measure in areas where small thermal mass is required
  • Monitor cool down of cryogen fuel in target enclosures

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