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Quick lead time

Integrated innovation with CryoComplete™

CryoComplete™ application chart
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS
Spanning the cryogenic ecosystem

77 K to 500 K

Everything you need to start making temperature-dependent, low‑level electrical measurements

With CryoComplete™, you can start making cryogenic electrical measurements as soon as it lands in your lab. From the simple‑to‑use, pour‑fill LN2 Dewar to the prewritten I-V (resistance) measurement routines, CryoComplete produces results right out of the box.  

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While easy to use, the system’s performance doesn’t disappoint. Its industry-leading measurement electronics promote low-level DC measurements and three full channels of lock-in AC capability—the keys to unlocking difficult measurements. Best of all, our cryogenic experts have designed CryoComplete from top to bottom, using cryogenic best practices, to deliver end-to-end system specifications.

PC with MeasureLINK™

A PC with MeasureLINK provides the user interface to control your cryogenic system. MeasureLINK enables a wide range of capabilities, including data charting, instrument control, and system monitoring with a cryostat-specific process view.

LN2 cryostat

The Environment by Janis VPF-100 sample in vacuum cryostat provides a variable‑temperature sample environment from 77 K to 500 K. The pour‑fill design allows quick and easy LN2 refills.

Source + measure + lock-in​

Run ultra-low-noise AC/DC measurements with the MeasureReady® M81-SSM synchronous source and measure system. In addition to the M81-SSM-6 instrument, it includes a BCS-10 balanced current source module and a VM-10 DC/AC/lock-in voltmeter module with a combined noise performance (differential) of 4.1 nV/√Hz

Temperature control​​

Control temperature within 50 mK with a Lake Shore Model 335 temperature controller, a Lake Shore precision-calibrated silicon diode, and a pre-wired heater. Advanced PID autotuning, pre‑programmed sensor calibration, and default cryostat tuning enable fast setup and operation.