CryoComplete specifications

Standard system capabilities

VPF-100 cryostat/335 temperature controller/calibrated silicon diode

Operating temperature range: 77 K to 500 K​

Cryogen: Liquid nitrogen​

Sample environment: Sample-in-vacuum​

Temperature stability: 50 mK​

Pour-fill reservoir capacity: 1.2 L LN2

Cooldown time: 15 min to 77 K

Working time: 8 h​

Optical ports: 4 quartz windows​

Electrical sample mount: Pre-wired mounting plate with 8 contact pins

Resistance/I-V measurements​

M81-SSM-6 with balanced current source and voltmeter modules

Measurements: 100 µΩ to 1 GΩ* ​

Source modes: DC, sine, triangle, square​

Source ranges: 1 pA to 100 mA​

Source frequency: 100 µHz to 100 kHz (square <5 kHz)​
*Upper impedance range limited to DC


Measurement limit: 10 V maximum​

Input impedance: >10 GΩ (differential)


Leakage current at sample: 50 pA at 10 V for coaxial or 50 fA at 10 V for guarded triaxial

Voltage noise at sample: <5 nV/√Hz at 83 Hz

Measure noise at sample (1/f): <100 nV

Coming soon

BCS-10 versus VM-10

BCS-10 versus VM-10, 10 mΩ resistor, 4-probe, 2TX and 2CXLIA at 83 Hz, FIR=3, τ=200 ms.