Model 480 fluxmeter

Model 480 fluxmeter features

  • 5¾ digit DC resolution (1 part out of ±300,000)
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Very fast peak capture
  • AC frequency response to 50 kHz
  • IEEE-488 and serial interfaces
  • Storage of parameters for up to 10 existing coils

An advanced tool designed primarily for use in industrial and measurement systems settings, the Model 480 fluxmeter measures total flux from which B, flux density, and/or H, magnetic field strength, can be determined. The 480 is valuable for magnetizing, manual and automated magnet testing and sorting, and as the main component in BH loop or hysteresis measurement system applications. The 480 fluxmeter is compatible with most sensing coils and fixtures. More information on the Model 480 fluxmeter...



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