Advancing Testing

Electronic Device & Semiconductor Measurement

Electronic Device and Semiconductor Measurement

A number of engineers use Lake Shore technology in their efforts to develop faster, more efficient electronic devices. Much of this work depends on the ability to test and measure material properties as a function of temperature and field—insight that enables designers to ensure future device performance and bring new spintronics, semiconductor, and nanoscale technologies to market.

Lake Shore provides:

  • VSMs and AGMs for testing/confirming magnetic products, including electromagnetic properties in optical media and storage devices
  • Probe stations for wafer-scale process verification and for isolating defects in fabricated devices and chips as a function of temperature
  • DC current sources for testing and measuring resistive and semiconductor devices, such as sensors and LED devices
  • Hall effect measurement systems to measure the mobility and concentration of multiple carriers in post-epitaxial devices

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Electronic Device and Semiconductor Measurement