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High Reliability Sensing

High reliability sensors

In situations where cryogenic temperature control or monitoring forms a critical component of a system and the cost of sensor failure far exceeds the cost of the sensor, subjecting sensors to a higher level of scrutiny becomes vital. Projects where outcomes are worth far more than the sum of their parts are prime examples of this and include: space telescopes, supercolliders, fusion reactors, research satellites, and maglev locomotives.

The HR Series is a new line of high reliability cryogenic temperature sensors for mission critical applications. These off-the-shelf sensors that have already undergone extreme testing steps to assure you of extra reliability.

  • Full material traceability for 15 years
  • Resistance and sensitivity data available for all sensors
  • Reduces lead time
  • Gain confidence from our test protocol
  • No hidden costs—pay only for the sensors you buy
High reliability sensors