MCS-EMP modules and options

Other notable details of MCS-EMP components

Precise, repeatable pole gaps

ExactGAP magnet indexingExactGAP™ pole gap indexing minimizes delays when an option change is required. Use preset gap settings for each temperature option or sample holder to quickly move the caps to a precise, precalibrated position repeatedly without having to manually recalibrate for each setting.

Teslameter with TruZero™

F71 teslameterThe F71 multi-axis teslameter’s TruZero™ technology eliminates errors that plague magnetic field measurements, allowing you to take measurements with confidence. The TiltView™ display is comfortable to see and operate, and the uncluttered touchscreen uses navigation familiar to any smartphone user.

Robust power supplies

648 and 643 magnet power suppliesThe 648 and 643 electromagnet power supplies are specifically designed for high precision laboratory use requiring extremely low electrical noise. The linear design removes undesirable higher frequency noise typical of switch mode power supplies. Eliminating the need for external switching or operator intervention to reverse current polarity, they use convenient bipolar, 4-quadrant operation. They are built to last with a rugged design, integrated fault protection, and a simple, clean interior electronic design.

MCS-EMP with optional GlideLOCK

Electromagnet system controller components


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