FastHall measurement module

FastHall™ Hall effect measurement module

New semiconductor and electronic materials being developed for applications such as photovoltaic (solar cell) and thermoelectrics, displays including organic electronics, and high power devices can have electronic properties that are increasingly difficult to measure. Traditional DC field electronic transport property measurement systems cannot measure many of these materials due to their low charge carrier mobilities and the high temperatures needed to characterize high power devices. AC field measurement improves resolution in some cases, but measurement times can become quite long with some materials.

Increasingly, novel materials can have mobilities below 1 cm2/V s. The challenge is to extract the diminishingly small Hall voltage from the background noise they produce. A new measurement method is needed. Lake Shore has recently developed its patented new FastHall™ technology for making these difficult measurements much faster and with far more accuracy than has previously been possible. This is nothing less than a significant breakthrough in research productivity.

The FastHall™ Hall effect measurement module is compatible with MCS-EMP variable temperature options.

The FastHall™ Hall effect measurement module includes:


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