MCS-EMP electronic sample options

Room temperature sample holders

High performance insert and the room temperature light tight body


MCS-EMP-HP-SIThe EMP-HP-RT high performance insert provides physical mounting and electrical connection to the sample card. The standard insert is compatible with the light tight body and optical access body for operation at room temperature. The insert includes eight triaxial connectors for guarded signals to the sample for resistance measurements (up to 200 GΩ) depending on your system’s configuration. Its circular connector contains temperature monitor leads, insert identification, and safety interlock. The standard insert is compatible with a variety of standard and optional sample cards.

Room temperature light tight body

MCS-EMP-HP-BODYThe light-tight body serves as a support for the included standard insert, allows for consistent sample alignment, and provides a light tight, draft-free environment for the sample. It is designed to fit a 25 mm (1 in) magnet air gap. It is also compatible with all standard and optional sample cards. Optional optical access is available (EMP-HP-ADD-O).

High performance sample mounting cards

Triax cables being attached

The triaxial cables being attached to the insert

Sample card insertion

Sliding a sample card into the insert

Room temp insert and body

EMP-HP-RT includes the room temperature body and the insert (EMP-HP-SI)

Room temperature top-side optical access body

Optical accessOptical access allows you to expose samples to different wavelengths of light via a laser or fiber optic. EMP-HP-ADD-O adds an optical port to the standard room temperature body.

The MCS-EMP platform also must be configured for optical access.

(Right) Light source illuminating the top side of the sample

CPW holder for NanOsc FMR spectrometer integration

FMR option

Our FMR-CPW-U-KIT enables you to easily use a NanOsc Instruments' PhaseFMR and PhaseFMR-40 spectrometer with the MCS-EMP-4 and -7 systems for ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) measurements. It provides hardware and software integration of NanOsc instruments and U-type CPW sample holder products in a room temperature application*. With it installed, broadband 2 to 18 GHz (PhaseFMR) or 2 to 40 GHz (PhaseFMR-40) FMR measurements in variable DC magnetic fields are possible. Maximum fields depend on the system and whether in-plane (IP) or out-of-plane (OOP) orientation is used: 1.69 T IP/2.41 T OOP for the MCS-EMP-4 system; 2.34 T IP/2.91 T OOP for the MCS-EMP-7 system. For details, read our application note.

*NOTE: Does not include NanOsc CPW, Helmholtz coils, cables, and FMR instruments. These NanOsc room temperature FMR products are available from Quantum Design, our preferred source of NanOsc products.

Sample holder accessories

For electronic material characterization

Sample measurement options provide an additional convenient solution for making electrical measurements in a magnetic field.

Sample cards

A variety of sample cards are available for the high-performance insert to facilitate sample mounting and storage as well as expedite sample exchange. Standard plug-in sample cards allow mounting up to a 10 mm sample. An optional card can accommodate up to a 50 mm sample. The 10 mm sample cards are available in prober pin or solder pad style while the 50 mm sample card is available in prober pin style only. The prober pin style sample cards allow you to mount your samples without requiring contact pad soldering.

50 mm prober card

50 mm prober pin sample card

Even subtle changes in room temperature can sometimes influence your measurement results. As such, our sample cards are available with an integrated platinum RTD to ensure you get the most information out of your measurement. When used in combination with the temperature monitor or control options, you can log and record small fluctuations in sample temperature, helping you gain the most knowledge of the materials you are studying.

Sample rotation

Sample rotation

The EMP-HP-ROTATE sample rotation option adds 0° to 360° manual sample rotation to your MCS-EMP. It is available as an option with the high-performance light-tight body. It comes standard with the CCR option (EMP-CCR) and the oven option (EMP-OVEN). Sample rotation is usable with the 10 mm sized sample cards. It is not compatible with 50 mm cards.

Sample mount accessory kit

Comes with the FastHall measurement module (EMP-MM-FASTHALL), but can be ordered separately with other sample holder accessories. Includes tweezers, wire for sample contacts, Sharpie marker, socket, screwdriver, vacuum pen, and indium foil.

Available sample cards for use with the high performance EMP-HP-SI insert include:

EMP-HP-SC-10-P: 10 mm prober pin sample card with PT sensor

EMP-HP-SC-10-S: 10 mm solder pad sample card with PT sensor

EMP-HP-SC-50-P: 50 mm prober pin sample card for room temperature use

Sample cards


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