MeasureLINK-MCS software is the key component of each MeasureReady™ MCS system. It facilitates field control, temperature control, measurement sequencing, and integration functions.

This flexible software allows the user to monitor the real-time performance of the MCS system and to construct measurement sequences from a set of predefined controls. The menu-driven graphical user interface (GUI) provides the ability to control field and temperature to a specific setpoint or to loop these parameters through a range of settings with a specified step value. The sequences can be saved and recalled for use in repeated measurements.

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MeasureLINK-MCS system

Home screen

Three main functions:

  • Sample setup
  • Sequencing
  • Scripting

MeasureLINK-MCS home screen

Sample setup screen

Associate sample information with a measurement sequence

Enter new sample information directly

Import sample information from a previously-saved file

Sample setup screen

Sequence screen

Build a sequence of steps that define the desired measurement protocol

Choose from:

Measurement functions

  • Built-in functions

Control functions

  • Go to field or temperature
  • Loop field or temperature

Custom measurements

  • Modified or specialized routines, previously defined by scripts

Sequence screen

Script screen

Extend your system functionality by creating custom scripts

  • Implement nearly any measurement
  • Integrate third-party

Modify existing scripts

Import other scripts

Simpler and faster than writing code

Scripting screen

Scripting example:

I-V measurement

Loop through 20 voltage steps

  • Set V
  • Measure I

Script example step 1

Scripting tool enables presentation of a simple user interface

  • Start voltage
  • Finish voltage
  • Number of steps

Script example step 2

Once script is ready

  • Add to Custom Measurement list
  • Select and add the custom script to the sequence steps from the drop-down list
  • Appears exactly like built-in functions

Script example step 3

Customized measurement sequence

  • Executes sequential steps as defined
  • Presents UI steps such as data entry windows
  • Custom scripts execute like other steps
  • Data collection and graphing can be included

Script example step 4


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