MCS-EMP temperature options

For electronic material characterization

Temperature options provide fixed or variable temperature sample environments that mount between the poles of the MCS-EMP.

Electronic temperature ranges

Required for all temperature options

The MSC-EMP variable temperature kit provides the required components to support our full suite of variable temperature options. When you select this option while configuring your platform, your MCS-EMP will include a Lake Shore temperature controller, a thermocouple input card (when purchased for use with the high-temperature oven), GlideLOCK™ alignment system mount, vacuum handling kit, mounting hardware, flanges, hoses, connectors, and accessories. Must be configured as part of the base MCS-EMP platform.

GlideLOCK™ option alignment

GlideLOCK optionGlideLOCK™ room temperature and variable temperature options slide in and out of the MCS-EMP on a precision-aligned tray and click into place to assure repeatable positioning of the enclosed sample within the magnet poles. The MeasureLINK™-MCS software further simplifies the implementation of the GlideLOCK™ options by automatically detecting and displaying each option as it is plugged into the MCS-EMP. With controllable options, the software provides automated, unattended temperature adjustment throughout the entire temperature range of that option. The GlideLOCK mechanism is included when the MCS-EMP is configured with the variable temperature kit or can be selected independently if only room temperature measurements are needed. Must be configured as part of the base MCS-EMP platform.

High-performance temperature options

High-temperature oven (EMP-OVEN with insert)

OvenThe oven body and insert with GlideLOCK™ allow you to study the effects on your material as you heat your sample to as hot as 1,273 K*. The oven insert is placed into the top of the oven body and attaches via captive thumbscrews. Because the oven body and oven insert form a vacuum-tight enclosure, sample heating can be done under an inert gas atmosphere—argon is recommended. The oven insert has a temperature sensor mounted near the sample location to ensure a reliable temperature measurement feedback loop. One EMP-OVEN-SI insert is included with EMP-OVEN.

Oven single sample insert
The oven single sample insert has 4 prober pins

Requires MCS-EMP with variable temperature kit, E2M vacuum pump or equivalent (compatible with TPS-FRG), Ar or He gas cylinder with regulator and hose barb.

*At 773 K and ±1% rdg: maximum = 1 MΩ; at 1,273 K and ±1% rdg: maximum = 1 kΩ

Closed-cycle refrigerator

CCRClosed-cycle refrigerator (CCR) body and insert (EMP-CCR). CCRs provide a variable temperature cryogenic environment by cooling helium exchange gas. No liquid cryogens are required, so ongoing operating costs are minimal. In order to optimize efficiency and throughput, your sample is surrounded by helium gas at a pressure slightly above atmosphere, allowing samples to be exchanged without breaking vacuum or warming the CCR. Pump out of the vacuum jacket to 100 Pa (0.1 Torr) is required prior to cool down. One EMP-CCR-SI insert is included with the EMP-CCR, as well as a stand for mounting.

CCR single sample insert
The CCR single sample insert has a sapphire pad and solder posts

Requires MCS-EMP with variable temperature kit, TPS-FRG vacuum pump or equivalent, LHe gas cylinder and regulator; must specify single-phase (208/230, 200, 220 CE, 240 CE VAC) line voltage at order.

Closed-cycle refrigerator with optical access

Optical access CCRCCR with sample top side optical access (EMP-CCR-O). When combined with the sample top side optical access kit and the optical access magnet, the optical access CCR allows you to study the effects that various wavelengths of light may have on your material samples at cryogenic temperatures.

MCS-EMP with oven


Vacuum pumps

Used to annually evacuate the cryogen transfer line of the optional cryostat and single stage variable temperature assembly (transfer line and kit are included with these options), the TPS-FRG turbomolecular vacuum pump provides vacuum to 1.33 × 10 -3 Pa (10-6 Torr). In addition to annual cryogen transfer line maintenance, the turbomolecular vacuum pump can also be used to evacuate the cryostat vacuum space. Lake Shore also offers the E2M two-stage rotary vacuum pump with mist filter.

Recirculating chillers

Lake Shore offers recirculating chillers in order to provide a complete laboratory solution. These chillers feature a CFC-free refrigeration system.

The refrigeration system uses a hermetically sealed compressor and hot gas bypass system of temperature control. This system eliminates on/off cycling and premature wear of the compressor. Strong pumps provide continuous flow even through cooling lines with small IDs.

Contact Lake Shore for a current list of available chillers.


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