VS-10 voltage source module

This module provides programmable voltages from ±1 nV to ±10 V with a maximum of 100 mA compliance from DC to 100 kHz sinusoidal output. The VS-10 is useful for gate biasing, voltage sweep I-V curve profiling, and applications that require highly stable voltages in combination with current, resistance/conductance, and other material or electronic device measurements.

Patent-pending circuitry enables separate ranges and amplitude settings for DC and AC signal components. This allows for simultaneous DC biasing and sweeping as well as combined AC signals to be superimposed for sample and device stimulus and selective measurement by corresponding and synchronized VM-10 modules. This hybrid DC+AC signal capability can reduce or eliminate the need and complexity for dedicated DC and AC sources while providing enhanced characterization capabilities and richer measurement data and sample insights.

VS-10 specifications

Specifications are subject to change

Ranges: V: 10 V, 1 V, 100 mV, 10 mV; AC range can be independently set lower than the DC range; automatic selection

Current limit: Settable up to 100 mA peak

Maximum power: 1 W, 4-quadrant operation

Output impedance: <150 mΩ

Settle time: 10 ms into open circuit

Load impedance: Stability maintained with reactive loads up to 50 µF or 1 mH (with 100 Ω damping)

Settable resolution: <1 nV, all ranges

Module field exposure: Operational limit <5 mT DC (typical, normal mode)

Size: 142 mm W × 39 mm H × 89 mm D (5.6 in × 1.5 in × 3.5 in)

Bandwidth (typical)/accuracy

RangeBandwidth (-3 dB)DC1Lock-in1,2Temperature coefficient1,2
10 V100 kHz0.045% + 500 µV0.05%7 ppm/°C
1 V100 kHz0.045% + 200 µV7 ppm/°C
100 mV75 kHz0.045% + 150 µV7 ppm/°C
10 mV75 kHz0.2% + 150 µV0.2%14 ppm/°C

Noise (typical)

DC to 100 MHz: 2 mV RMS

RangeVoltage noise at 1 kHzVoltage noise at 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
10 V1 µV/√Hz10 µV p-p
1 V300 nV/√Hz1.5 µV p-p
100 mV30 nV/√Hz1 µV p-p
10 mV30 nV/√Hz1 µV p-p

1 1 year, ±5 °C from Lake Shore calibration
2 DC to 1 kHz

VS-10 module options

Options for the VS-10 module that you can set on the M81 instrument screen

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